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Rental Agreement

ART 1 :
Any order entails the acceptance by the renter of the following terms and conditions.

ART 2 :
Length of Rental
The rental takes effect from the moment when the renter takes possession of the accommodation. When the goods are supplied, liability will be transferred to the renter who will take physical and legal custody of them according to French law. The rental and legal custody will cease when all the goods provided have been collected by Homat.

ART 3 :
Supply of Goods
Homat undertakes to provide furniture that is either new or in perfect condition. Homat provides warranty coverage for all appliances. Defective appliances will be repaired or replaced at Homat's cost within a reasonable delay. The renter is responsible for the routine maintenance of the appliances (filter cleaning). The renter undertakes to use the material in a reasonable manner, for the purpose it is fit for, with prudence and diligence, to abide by the instructions provided with the appliances and to keep them in good order. The goods remain the property of Homat throughout the rental and thereafter irrespective of the length of the contract. If the goods cannot be returned to Homat at the end of the rental agreement for reasons strictly attributable to the renter, excepting unforeseeable circumstances, Homat will charge the current replacement cost to the renter.

ART 4 :
If the rented goods are destroyed partially or totally by a fire or flood or stolen, Homat will replace them after receipt of the damage or theft claim.

ART 5 :
Return of Goods
The rented goods must be returned to Homat in reasonable condition taking into account its condition at the start of the rental and the normal wear and tear incurred during the length of the rental.

ART 6 :
Homat is entitled to request a 2 month deposit (excluding tax) which will be returned at the end of the rental agreement after inventory. This inventory will be taken in presence of all parties or their representatives on the day the goods are returned, signed by all parties and appended to the annex.

ART 7 :
The length of the rental is fixed when the agreement is signed. It can be extended during the rental by mutual agreement.