Step 1: Choose the rental period

Choose the duration that suits you best thanks to the flexibility offered by Homat. Rent furniture for the duration you choose, and adjust it according to your needs with the possibility to shorten or extend.

Step 2: Select your furniture

Furnish your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and office in style with a wide selection of furniture by Homat. Rent sofas, tables, chairs, beds and more to create a space that feels like home.

Step 3: Request a quote

After selecting your furniture and appliances, you just have to validate your basket by filling the form. Our team will establish a quote for you within 48 hours.

Step 4: Delivery and installation

We deliver all the products you need for furniture rental everywhere in France, Paris, Lyon, Le Havre, Aix en Provence, Bordeaux, etc. The rental includes delivery, installation and pick-up of the furniture. Enjoy your stay to the fullest, as soon as you arrive, by taking the stress out of buying furniture and assembling it. Our furniture rental team is at your service to solve any difficulty you may have. Our goal is to make you feel at home. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Step 5: End of rental and return of furniture

At the end of the rental period, Homat gives you the choice of purchasing part or all of the furniture or taking it back.

The advantages of Homat

Economical & Ecological

Quote in 48 hours

Responsive customer service

Breakdown warranty

Our achievements

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