General terms and conditions of rental


ART 1:

Any order implies from the tenant the acceptance without reserve of the present rules which govern his relations with Homat.

ART 2:

Duration of rental

The lease takes effect when the tenant occupies the unit. When the furniture (electrical appliances) is handed over, the risk is transferred to the tenant who assumes the material and legal custody under his full responsibility. The rental and the related legal custody end on the day the entire material is taken back by Homat.

ART 3:

Provision of services

Homat is committed to providing furniture that is either new or in perfect condition. Homat ensures the guarantee of the household appliances. In the event of request for repair, the company Homat will ensure at its expenses the repair or the replacement of the material as soon as possible.
The tenant is obliged to maintain the appliances regularly (cleaning of filters). He undertakes to use the equipment “in good stead” in accordance with its purpose, with caution and diligence, to respect the instructions in the manual and to maintain it constantly in good working order.
The furniture and appliances remain the property of Homat during and after the rental period regardless of the duration of the contract. If for reasons strictly attributable to the tenant and except in cases of force majeure, the furniture could not be taken back by Homat at the end of the contract, it would then be invoiced at the replacement value.

ART 4:


If the rented furniture was destroyed (partially or completely) during a fire, a water damage or stolen, it will be replaced by Homat after the reception of the declaration of disaster or theft.

ART 5:


The furniture must be returned to Homat in a normal state of use, taking into account its condition at the beginning of the rental period and the period during which the furniture has been rented.

ART 6:

Security deposit

Homat can ask the tenant for a deposit which represents 2 months of rent (without tax) and will be restored at the end of the hiring after the control of the furniture which will be established contradictorily the day of the resumption of the furniture and consigned on a double of the appendix which will be initialed in double copy by the parts.

ART 7:

The duration of the lease is determined at the time of the signing of the contract, it can be revised during the lease by mutual agreement between the parties.

ART 8:

For the private individuals, the delivery will be carried out under deadlines of approximately 1 week after the signature of the contract, the reception of the payment by transfer of the first invoice which includes: the rents, transport, the delivery, the withdrawal, the deposit.

ART 9:

The private customers pay the invoices by transfer on the account of the company Homat, the banking references will be sent by e-mail.

ART 10:

The customer can have recourse to a mediator at this address: or by post by writing to

27, avenue de la Libération – 42400 Saint-Chamond

ART 11:

The withdrawal period is 14 days. If the customer exercises his right of withdrawal, the costs of transport, delivery and collection will be at his expense.

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